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What do a leather wallet and a ketchup bottle cap have in common? You got it…they both implement the living hinge to bring the object to life through movement. When speaking in terms of manufacturing, a living hinge is a thin flexible web of material that holds two rigid plastic pieces together. The living hinge [...]

As plastic product designs become more complex, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) plays an instrumental role in successfully launching new products on time and under budget.  Our DFM service allows customers to take advantage of the vast manufacturing experience and knowledge of the dedicated Quickparts manufacturing team.  This service (valued at $300) is offered free of [...]

Injection molding is the manufacturing process that is responsible for producing most of the plastic parts that we come in contact with each day.  The injection molding process is capable of producing a wide range of    designs; however, it is a long one that does not allow for easy changes.  It is for this reason [...]