Selecting an appropriate material is, perhaps, the most important factor when implementing a design for injection molding. With literally thousands of different resin grades to choose from, an erroneous choice can prove to be disastrous. Thorough research and consultation is strongly advised, especially for anyone new to plastic part design. A simple web search, along with sites such as and are invaluable tools for any novice or veteran of injection molding.

Resin Selection Guide

Material selection is often based on the application of the part. While every part is unique, there are some generalities to follow. Click here
for your complimentary Plastic Resin Chart, which includes material names, trade names, abbreviations, descriptions, and most importantly, the most common applications for each particular material.

It is important to note that shrink rates for different materials differ, some more significant than others. Changing a material after a mold has been constructed can lead to inconsistencies in geometry. It’s always a great idea to check with the selected molder before changing materials.