We have some great ways to help you save money on your next injection molding project.

:: Top 5 Money Saving Tips

1. When selecting a material for your injection molded part, do not just assume that you need a material that has the best properties. A lot of people overcompensate by selecting materialsthat they don’t really need. Since material is sold by the pound, this drives the piece part price up. Figure out what your needs are, and discuss them with a material representative. These guys will help you select a material that best meets your criteria, and will save you money.

2. Try to minimize secondary processes such as pad printing, custom inserts, painting, etc. All of these processes require extensive setup times and costs which will need to be spread out over the piece part price.

3. Select the right molder. There are many different types of molders out there, some are very large, and some are very small. Keeping in mind the requirements for your parts, select a molder that is capable and has the right size machines for your parts. If your requirements are low, stay away from the big flashy injection molders with lots of machines. Their overhead is too high.

4. Try to order as many parts as you can at one time. This spreads out the setup cost over more parts, thus leaving you with a lower piece part price.

5. Design your part so it is as moldable as possible. Make sure there is plenty of draft to facilitate ejection, and eliminate any thin steel conditions that will cause more mold maintenance down the road.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions regarding this or any other injection molding information, please send us an email or give us a call at (770) 901-3200.