Injection molding is the manufacturing process that is responsible for producing most of the plastic parts that you and I come in contact with each day. While the process is capable of producing a vast range of designs, it can take some time and therefore does not lend itself well to changes down the line. It is for this reason that Quickparts has created a new injection molding concept called Proto-duction tooling.

What is Proto-duction Tooling all about?

We at Quickparts have perfected the process of building “Proto-duction” tooling, also known as “Prototype-to-Production” tooling. It uses production steel multi-cavity tooling, with the 1st cavity serving as the prototype tool. After the 1st cavity is constructed, sampled, adjusted, and approved, then the remaining cavities are built to match this prototype cavity. The result is a production multi-cavity, steel injection mold tool, created in half the time of the traditional 2-step process (building a stand-alone prototype tool, then a multi-cavity production tool).

What are the benefits?

One of the great benefits of proto-duction is that the construction timeline is reduced, since the typical ‘prototype’ tooling phase goes hand-in-hand with the construction of the production tool. Additionally, the overall tooling cost will also be reduced, since the stand-alone prototype tooling is avoided. Finally, it is important to note that financial risk is now reduced because you wouldn’t order the construction of the remaining production cavities until the prototype cavity is approved.

Proto-duction tooling is a cost effective way to produce prototype and production tooling. There are no geometry limits, no volume limits, and no manufacturing limits on your part. Any commercially available material can be used in the production of the part and any surface finish can be applied.

Please call a friendly Quickparts Sales Manager at 770-901-3200 to discuss your upcoming project and discover how Proto-duction tooling can benefit your design.