Ever wonder what the best gate type is for the design you are working on?  Yes, many other has wondered the same thing.  Well, there is a great site out there to help explain what the different gate types are.  It covers injection molding gate types from simple sprue gate all the way to a valve gate using a hot manifold system. Also, the information includes which gates need to be manually trimmed off the molded part and which gates are automatically trimmed during the molding process.  All this information can be found at http://www.dsm.com/en_US/html/dep/gatetype.htm. Gate types are just one of a number of variables that can dramatically impact the cost and the quality of the part.  If you are looking to discuss more of the manufacturability of the part, you can talk to the team at Quickparts about receiving a Design for Manufacturing review…they are free!Contact us at www.quickparts.com or call us at 770-901-3200!