Proto-duction tooling, also known as ‘Prototype-to-Production” tooling is gaining momentun in today’s manufacturing world as people look to reduce capital costs of molds. This type of tooling is production steel multi-cavity tooling, with the 1stcavity being the prototype tool. When the 1stcavity is constructed, sampled, adjusted, and approved, then the remaining cavities are built to match the prototype cavity. The result is a production multi-cavity steel injection mold tool, in half the time of the traditional 2-step process of building a stand-alone prototype tool, then a multi-cavity production tool.Construction timelines have been reduced, since the typical ‘prototype’ tooling phase tightly integrates with the construction of the production tool. Overall tooling cost is reduced, since stand-alone prototype tooling is avoided. Financial risk is mitigated, since you don’t order the construction of the remaining production cavities until the prototype cavity is approved.Proto-duction Tooling is a cost effective way to produce prototype and production tooling. There are no geometry limits, no volume limits and no manufacturing limits on your part. Any commercial available material can be used in the production of the part and any surface finish can be applied.