Plastics News had a great article in April on the use of aluminum injection molds for the automotive industry.  As the automotive industry goes through a major correction, it is forcing them to think differently about how they manufacture parts.  Honda of America is being very progressive in their thinking. Never before has an automotive manufacturing company considered using aluminum injection molds to fullfill their injection molding needs.  Soft tooling (aluminum molds) have always been considered a poor man’s solution to production.  Times are now changing.  As stated in the piece, Honda has produced over 400,000 shots of the aluminum injection mold.  Furthermore, they have found that they can reduce part costs also because they run the molds at a faster cycle time.  Overall, Honda has found this to be a huge shift for them in how they look at tooling up a new line.It will be a matter of time now before others follow the path that Honda has started down for their injection molding needs.  If you would like to read the article in full, go to Plastics News here.